Fishtech Hatchery brings Spring Genetics T​ilapia fry in Bangladesh

Fishtech Hatchery is a renowned Tilapia hatchery in Bangladesh. From 2010, it provides good quality Tilapia fry to the farmers for maximizing the production of Tilapia in Bangladesh.

To continue their reputation, Fishtech Hatchery Limited imported high-yielding Spring Genetics Tilapia brood from Benchmark Genetics, USA Inc. In presence of Government officials along with FTHL Managing Director Mohammed Tarique Sarker, Fishtech Hatchery inaugurated Spring Genetics Tilapia fry distribution on 31st March 2021.

New-Generation Tilapia Features:· Rapid growth rate- 14% higher growth rate than normal Tilapia.· High immunity - It has higher immunity than normal Tilapia.· Monosex Fry Rate- About 100% of the fry produced are monosex (male).· Annual Update Generation Fry- Update Generation Brood is imported every year.