About us

FISHTECH HATCHERY LIMITED is one of the least hatcheries in Bangladesh who are committed to maintaining the quality of the tilapia seeds since 2010 with a great reputation in the market. The hatchery produced and sold countrywide almost 100 Million pcs tilapia fry every year. The hatchery is occupying total 30 acres of land area having the hatchery building, larvae rearing ponds, nursing ponds, brood ponds and culture ponds. 

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Mohammed Tarique Sar​ker

Managing Director of Fishtech Hatchery  Limited 

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  • Fishtech Hatchery Limited is producing & supplying standard quality Tilapia Fry in Bangladesh by importing the high-yielding Tilapia Brood from Benchmark Genetics USA Inc. called Spring Genetics located in Miami, USA.
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  • Visit the selected pond by the Technical Experts of Fishtech, where the fish will be cultured.
  • Confirm the suitability of the pond by measuring the water volume of the pond.
  • Packing the well-conditioned baby fish in the carrying bags containing the sufficient amount of dissolved oxygen in water.
  • Educate to the pond owner how to determine the required amount of feed per day.
  • Monitor the water quality parameters by monthly check up.
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